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Think of your Google My Business page as the online front door to your business! When customers search for your business on Google, among the first things they see is your GMB page. Customers today live online and you have one chance to make a great first impression. 


To most consumers, reviews are more convincing than any marketing message. According to industry analytics, the following trends are known:
  • 86% of consumers make buying decisions based on positive (or negative) reviews.
  • Customers spend 31% more on businesses with excellent reviews.
  • Businesses risk losing 22% of customers who encounter a single negative review.
  • Three negative reviews increases the lost customer potential to 59%.
  • 85% of consumers ignore reviews which are more than 3 months old.
AI Focus understands the critical role all reviews play in shaping customer behaviors. Through deep research, we know Google’s search algorithm does the following:
  • Negates fake reviews. Inauthentic reviews are easy spotted.
  • Weighs every review, based on stars and how recent the review was posted
  • Uses that weight to determine how your business ranks in search results
AI Focus helps our clients maximize positive reviews and deal with negative reviews. Review management is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Our team of professional moderators respond to customer reviews as they arrive, and always quickly address any negative reviews.


Your Google My Business page is an incredible digital resource at your fingertips and a powerful revenue generator for local sales. Numerous studies confirm these Google search statistics:
  • 75% of all searches online worldwide are controlled by Google.
  • 46% of all searches on Google are local.
  • 60% of American adults search for local product and service information.
  • 50% of smartphone users on local search visited a store within a day.
  • 78% of local smartphone searches result in offline sales!
Customers MUST easily locate your business online via Google search, Google Maps and your GMB page. Without a claimed and professionally maintained GMB profile, your business is largely invisible to everyone with a smartphone. Your brand cannot afford to be “invisible” because Google prioritizes data rich GMB pages when customers search for local businesses. An unclaimed or under-utilized GMB page makes customers wonder if your business exists anymore, even if your business has a vibrant social media presence. You could study GMB optimization techniques and spend 100 hours doing repetitive labor every month keeping your GMB page updated, or you can simply install our custom GBizBot. Sign up for your first month FREE.

Client Success Story!

Carvel is a beloved ice cream cake chain in the Eastern US. Carvel West LA is the only Carvel franchise in California. The GBizBot pushes them to the top of local Google searches and custom review responses reinforce their branding. Here’s a sample of recent reviews from customers on their GMB page.


***** Michael Perlmutter

“The increase in client revenue is based on the Google data and recorded phone calls.  All Clients had a substantial increase in incoming  customer calls and very large increase in number of web visits from GMB & Maps get directions, which has increased client revenues quite substantially. I recommend it to my clients.”  

***** Asher Peretz

“I am the principal of my business  and our incoming customer call volume more than doubled (year on year ) we are Very happy with the increase in business”TEST for  Xcellimark

***** Mike Jones

As a practicing statistician, I have reviewed the article  GOOGLE MY BUSINESS MACHINE LEARNING project. I can confidently say that the technology applied led to significant differences based on the 100 days before the technology and after. It is easy to observe that the changes included but not limited to an increase in business activity and thus revenue

***** Winnie Ross

To the best of my knowledge, based on the raw data provided, I can confirm that GOOGLE MY BUSINESS MACHINE LEARNING article utilized valid statistical methods and thus the conclusion that GBizbot led to an increase in revenue is statistically sound. I would recommend AI Focus GMB marketing operations to anyone who wants to boost their revenue any day.

***** Evans Wright

I have reviewed the GBizbot operations as analyzed in the  GOOGLE MY BUSINESS MACHINE LEARNING white paper in my capacity as a data scientist. Based on the data provided, I came to the same conclusion as the article that business revenue increased as a result of the GBizbot operations conducted by AI Focus.

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