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Website Prompt

Act as though you are an expert website consultant checking the website: XXXX your role is to review the site and provide feedback. The objective is to improve the site to convert visitors into paying customers. Provide your feedback at a markdown table with the following categories: Page speed, Targeted keywords on the homepage, and clearly explain the site’s weaknesses and how they can be improved.

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Chat GPT Form

ChatGPT Cheat Sheet

Define ChatGPT Role

Act as Linux Terminal
Act as “position” Interview
Act as a JavaScript Console
As as an Excel Sheet
Act as an English Teacher
Act as a Plagiarism Checker
Act as an Advertiser
Act as a Relationship Coach
Act as a Recruiter

Learn from ChatGPT

Explain clearly
Explain uniquely
Explain detailed
Explain like I’m 5
Explain with example
Explain to 5th grade
Explain likme Elon Musk
Explain detailed with examples
Explain to high school students

Chained Prompting

– Write an article about ChatGPT
– First give me the outline which consists of a headline
a teaser, and server headlines
– Now write 5 different subheadings.
– Add 5 keywords for each subheading

Prompt for Marketers

– Can you provide me with some ideas
– for blog post about [topics].
– Write a product description for my [product or services or company]
– Suggest inexpensive ways I can promote my [Company] without using social media.
– How can I obtain high-quality backlinks to raise the SEO of [Website Name]

Prompts for Designers

– Generate an example of UI Design requirement for a [Mobile App]
– How can I design a [law firm website] in a way that conveys [trust and authority]?
– What are some micro-interactions to consider when designing a fintech app?
– Create a text-based Excel sheet to input your copy suggestion. Assume you have 3 members in your UX writing team.

Prompts for Developers

– Develop an architecture and code for a <description> website with JavaScript.

– Help me find a mistake in the following code <Paste code below>.

– I want to implement a sticky header on my website. Can you provide an example using CSS and JavaScript?

– Please continue writing this code for JavaScript <post code below>

The Chat-GPT Cheat Sheet

Basic Structure of a Prompt:

Acting as a [ROLE] perform [TASK] in [FORMAT]

Act as a [ROLE]

Mindset Coach
Best Selling Author
Website Desginer
Chief Finanical Officer
Prompt Engineer
Project Manager

Create a [TASK]

Book Outline
Email Sequence
Social Media Post
Product Description
Cover Letter
Blog Post
SEO Keywords
Video Script
Sales Copy
Ad Copy

Show as [FORMAT]

A Table
A List
CVS File
Plain Text File
Rich Text
Gantt Chart
Word Cloud

Linked Prompting

  1. Provide me with the ideal outline for an effective & persuasive blog post.
  2. Write a list of Engaging Headlines for this Blog post based on [Topics].
  3. Write a list of Subheadlines & Hooks for this same Blog post.
  4. Write a list of keywords for this Blog.
  5. Write a list of Compelling Call-to-Actions for the blog post.
  6. Combine the best headline with the best Subheadings, Hooks, Keywords and Call-to-Actions to write a blog post for [Topic].
  7. Re-write this Blog Post in the [Style],[Tone], [Voice] and [Personality].

Effective Use of this Prowerful Tool Can Propel Your Business To The Forefront Of This Modren Business Landscape.

Prompt Priming

ZERO – “Write me 5 Headlines about [Topic]”

SINGLE – “Write me 5 Headlines about [Topic]. Hear is an example of one headline: 5 Ways to Lose Weight”

MULTIPLE – Write me 5 Headline about [Topic]. Here is an exampke of healine: 5 Wasy to Lose Weight, How to Lose More Fat in weeks, Say Goodbye to Stubbron Fat. Find a fastr way to Lise Weight Fast.”

Prompts For Biz Owners

– Give me a list of inexpensive ideas on how to promote my business better?
– Acting as a Business Consultant, What is the best way to solve this problem of [Problem].
– Create a 30-day Social Media Content Strategy based on [Topic 1] & [Topic 2].

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