Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who become customers. It is the most important metric when determining the value of your marketing campaigns. Tribal Marketing is our unique branding strategy where AI Focus utilizes customer segmentation by “intense interest” groups (such as Dodger fans, Tesla owners, vegans) to dramatically increase your conversion rate. 

What is a Good conversion rate?

According to Google and Wordstream, the world’s authorities on conversion rates:  

  • The average website has conversion rate of 2.35%
  • The top 25% of conversion rates is 5.31%
  • The top 10% of conversion rates is 11.45% 
  • We blow them all away!

In the past 2 years, Google Analytics has tracked results for over 50 tribal marketing campaigns launched by AI Focus. Thanks to our unique machine learning tools, nearly all of our tribal campaigns in this case study converted within the top 10% of conversion rates. Several of our tribal marketing campaigns achieved conversion rates of over 30%!  

AI Tribal Marketing

We cannot promise this level of success for every client, but our track record of radically increasing conversion rates is unparalleled. Increasing your conversion rate increases the value of your marketing investment, the value of your brand and your bottom line revenue. What is your website’s conversion rate? 


Tribes in this study: Sports Fans 
Google AnalyticsConversion Rate
Wing Day29.00%
Home page10.11%

HIGH Conversions require LOW Bounce Rates

Once a high conversion rate is achieved, your revenue increases by maximizing the number of engaged visitors. Bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who stay on your website more than a few seconds and visit more than the landing page. The longer a visitor stays on your website and the more pages they engage, the more likely they will convert into customers.

The average website bounces at 50% which means 50% of your visitors leave almost instantly. The advertising dollars spent bringing those lost visitors to your website also vanish. Many small business websites bounce at 70% or higher because they are not updated and optimized consistently. What is your bounce rate? 

Thanks to our machine learning tools, we have achieved among the lowest bounce rates in the industry. We have achieved consistent bounce rates of 10% and less.

As an example, if 100 visitors land on your website, 90 stay if you have a bounce rate of 10%, but only 30 stay if you have a 70% bounce rate. That’s 60 additional potential customers. Significant revenue is created when you combine a low bounce rate with a high conversion rate.

If you are interested in learning more about how Tribal Marketing can benefit your business, email Robert Batkovic, National Sales, at Robert@AIFOCUS.NET and he will send you our proprietary AI Tribal Marketing white paper explaining our process.


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